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Metal Bonding, Welding & Assembly

Structural adhesive for more our assembly applications. Real competitive advantage for our customers....

RUAG Aerostructures offers novel solutions in joining technology for a wide range of aerospace materials and applications:


  • TIG- & MIG welding
  • Spot welding: aluminum, titanium & steel
  • Seam welding: steel & titanium

Friction stir welding is an innovative process to join a wide range of aluminum alloys with improved performance, less distortion and a high degree of automation.

Traditionally, aluminum, steel and other metal parts are joined together with mechanical or thermal methods, such as rivets or resistance welding. In addition, RUAG Aerostructures offers structural adhesive solutions to our customers, to save cost, enable design flexibility, weight saving opportunities and design flexibility.

Metal bonding facilities

  • Steel, titanium & aluminum structures including honeycomb applications