Industrial Painter

As an Industrial Painter (Swiss VET) in Switzerland, you complete a solid apprenticeship for the important area of surface coatings. ...

As an industrial painter (m/f), you are an expert in the protection of surfaces using paint-based sealing. What you coat are the surfaces of machines: goods which are a high investment for the company and that are often exposed to strong mechanical, climatic or chemical strain within the rough industrial use every day. Thanks to your know-how and your work, these machines are protected from corrosion and their value remains preserved for longer.

Depending on the material and the strain it is under, you use preparation processes such as phosphating, chromating, sanding, filling or sandblasting. You calculate the material required, the composition and the colour mixing for the paint, and choose the suitable spraying, dipping or painting method. In addition to knowledge about the adequate methods, issues regarding work and environmental protection are also part of your repertoire – after all, in the battle against rust, decay, dents and friction, you use agents which have risks and for which respiratory masks, gloves and other measures are a must. In the end, perfectly protected and aesthetically pleasing results await you which you can be proud of.

What you do
Industrial painters paint components, devices and all sorts of objects manufactured by our industry. You not only paint to provide a visually appealing product, you also protect the raw material against rust and other elements. You handle materials such as metal, plastic, wood and glass. You prepare the components by cleaning, filling, sanding and priming them. You mix the colours and spray the resulting paint onto the objects. You also add letterings and emblems.

  • Degreasing and priming of components
  • Filling and sanding of surfaces
  • Generation of templates
  • Painting of components
  • Cleaning and maintaining tools and devices
  • Working with cathodic dip painting, chain-type coating machines, various sprayer types
  • Phosphating and chromating
  • Knowledge of electrostatic (water, solvents)

Training specifics
The three-year apprenticeship takes place at the technical vocational middle school and prepares you for professional certification.

Training location RUAG MRO Switzerland

  • Emmen
Email RUAG MRO Switzerland