• 11.10.2018
  • Air, Group
  • Media release

Organisational and personnel decisions as part of the unbundling project


The Board of Directors of RUAG has made its first decisions regarding the unbundling of the company, a move proposed by the Swiss Federal Council. In line with their areas of activity, the two RUAG divisions – Aviation and Defence – will be integrated into the two new parts, with the working titles of “MRO Switzerland” and “MRO International”. The Board of Directors has appointed the current CEO of the Defence division, Andreas Berger, as the CEO of “MRO Switzerland”, effective 1 January 2019. He will report to Urs Breitmeier, CEO of RUAG, until the project is completed. At the same time, the Board of Directors will hand over the management of “MRO International” to Felix Ammann, who is currently Vice President Supply Chain at RUAG Aviation. The Military Aviation division will be integrated into “MRO Switzerland” and headed by Philipp Berner, who is currently responsible for the Aviation division.

“I am delighted that we have been able to appoint a stable management for MRO Switzerland and MRO International,” explains Urs Breitmeier, CEO of RUAG. “This solution also ensures continuity for employees and customers, which is extremely important in times of change. I would like to thank Andreas Berger, Philipp Berner and Felix Ammann for their work to date and look forward to continuing to work with them on securing a successful future for RUAG.”

The term “MRO” refers to the maintenance, repair and overhaul) of systems and equipment. “MRO Switzerland” will in future mainly do business with the DDPS and provide services to the Swiss Armed Forces, while the future direction and activities of “MRO International” will be intensively analysed and reviewed in a next step.

The decisions that have just been made are in line with the proposals of the Swiss Federal Council from last March and June, as well as those of the Steering Committee on Unbundling. In March 2018, the Federal Council instructed the Board of Directors of RUAG to unbundle the current group and to split it into two new, independent companies – one focusing on business with the DDPS (working title “MRO Switzerland”) and one comprising the remaining part of the current group (working title “RUAG International”). As of 1 January 2019, a similar reorganisation is not required for the “RUAG International” division.