Complete Fuselage Sections

RUAG Aerostructures is as a recognized technology and quality provider in the field of automated production of fuselage segments....

Highly efficient and automated assembly techniques are used to install stringers, frames, clips, brackets and subsystems and therefore meeting customer producibility, weight and cost goals. By developing new product and manufacturing technologies and systematically implementing the best cost strategy, RUAG Aerostructures contributes to the success of our customers as a reliable partner.

Technology Leadership

  • Highly automated lean production systems
  • Strongly developed technology competence and skills

Professional Excellence

  • First time right quality, 100% reliability and top performance
  • Global Supply Chain architecture and capability

Customer Relation

  • Long-term partnerships and sustainable cooperation
  • Risk share ability and willingness

Our capabilities cover all disciplines such as Design, Stress and Fatigue, Material & Process, Configuration- and Document Management, Mass Properties as well Structural Testing. Being close to the manufacturing results in product design which fulfils industrial need without iterations.

Numerical analysis (static, dynamic, nonlinear or thermal) supports the development from concept phase to certification. Material & Process ensure that we comply to regulations (such as REACH), industry-(NADCAP) and customer requirements or standards.

We perform and support structural tests from coupons (tensile, CAI, ILSS) via complex components as well as full scale.